WTD: Ae82 fxgt engine bay wiring loom and few other bits

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WTD: Ae82 fxgt engine bay wiring loom and few other bits

Postby crispy'86 » Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:16 pm

Hey all i'm i'm in a little pickle at the moment. To cut a long story short I used an ae82 loom out of a 4a-e corolla from pickapart, worked out where a few wires go, connected the jump battery and have had a little fry up in the passenger fuse and connectors. (I suspect there are similar coloured wires that do multiple things, so having a simple oil light, charge light and temp gauge has melted some wiring. So after an engine bay wiring loom, if anyone has anything and the taillight loom by look of things for an ae82 fxgt. Haven't tried the wreckers as yet as they'd ask silly prices if they have anything. I thought i'd give you guys a chance before trying other sources.
Even better if someone has an fxgt here in chch I could look at to work out if I need to swap round wires in the connectors
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