Looking at selling my Celica...

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Looking at selling my Celica...

Postby ®usty » Tue Aug 01, 2017 8:10 pm

Hi all wanting to get ideas on prices on selling my Celica. I need to move onto a more practical vehicle (apparently) Will be sad to see it go

Trademe shows GT4's are around the 13k mark. Celicas range from 2-3K for high km's, ~8K for slightly better condition, with one selling for 11,500 apparently?

People that know me, know that I have meticulously looked after this vehicle over the last 10 years of ownership.
Garaged, regular oil changes (6,000km's with 10w30 oil & TRD oil filters) and washed, polished & waxed regular too. I have receipts for all the parts I'm pretty sure


1996 Celica ST202 SS-II Red 5 speed manual
- 105,000km mileage
- 3S-GE (Gen 3) 2.0L 16valve twin cam, ACIS intake system
- McPhearson Suspension
- Climate control AC
Power @ Wheels 123Kw / 165HP
@ Engine 141Kw / 189HP roughly

Engine stuff
- Cone K&N airfilter
- TRD cold airbox - that I made
- TRD spark plug leads
- Denso Iriduim spark plugs
- TRD sports Oil Filter
- Exhaust Heat Wrap (Extrators)
- HKS Hi-Power Exhaust - with silencer
- Cambelt & waterpump was done 2008/9
- Rear main seal was done when LSD was done
- Cam cover seals done
- CV boots also replaced
- TRD N Type Radiator cap
- TRD silver Oil cap
- Beatrush/Laile cooling panel
- New F&R engine mounts - polyurethane filled.
- Top tank on radiator replace as a preventative measure

- Jun lightweight flywheel
- TRD sports disc
- TRD clutch cover
- JSpeed Clutch line
- TRD Clutch type LSD
- Sodablastered S54-06A
- New input/output bearings & diff bearings
* Has Toyota warranty on gearbox

Suspension stuff
- TRD 3point Front Strut Brace
- ST202/ST205 Rear Strut Brace
- Tein Super Street Coilovers (with 32 way adjustable damper)
- Tom's Racing SS Brakelines
- EBC Pads Red (F)
- Powdercoated Artic White 6GC GT-Four Rims (16" 7.5) the 6 spoke ones
- Toyo Proxes T1R 225/45/R16

Has LVVTA cert for Tein suspension

Exterior bits (Facelift model)
- Projector Low Beams
- Projector High Beams
- Projector style front indicators
- Toyota clear side indicators
- SS-III Front Grille
- SS-III aero kit (Front Splitters, Side Skirts & Rear Splitters)
- SS-II Badge
- TRD rear wing
- replaced rain guards
- replaced outer door seal

Inside bits
- Hyper Sport CELICA floor mats
- Tom's Racing Pedal set
- TRD T20# Quick Shifter set
- TRD shift Knob
- TRD carbon fibre gauge set
- TRD carbon fibre dash kit
- White LED gauge lights (Spree)
- Complete interior LED kit (Spree)
- Alpine Headunit (with USB/iPod connection)
- Front: Clarion 6.5" speakers (with spacers)
- Rear: Clarion 6.5" speakers

* I had wheel spacers on - for photos purposes only

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Re: Looking at selling my Celica...

Postby ®usty » Tue Aug 08, 2017 6:59 pm

Bump anybody?
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Re: Looking at selling my Celica...

Postby Dell'Orto » Tue Aug 08, 2017 7:10 pm

Tough call, its not a particularly desirable model of Celica, but it is an exceptional example of one.
Maybe list at 6k and see how the market responds?
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OMG so shiny!

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Re: Looking at selling my Celica...

Postby matt dunn » Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:56 pm

yeah unfortunatly all the extra's you add to a car does not increase it's value,
sometimes they are actually worth more standard.

Nice car, but to the average person it's still just a red celica.
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Re: Looking at selling my Celica...

Postby RS13 » Wed Aug 09, 2017 7:23 pm

I'd have said $4k-$6k to the right person. The problem is that it's a nice tidy car with low kms, but personally I see mods like that and assume that it has had a hard life. As Matt said it'd probably be worth more standard.
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