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Know Your Flags

Postby Elmendorf » Tue Apr 26, 2005 7:39 pm

Copied from my partners post on D1NZ, for all those of you planing on putting your cars on the track :D

Hopefully this will help a few of you who are unsure about flags what they mean as Marshalls don't wave them to attract attention to themselves !

I've attempted to word this so everyone understands.

Yellow flag : Danger, slow down and no overtaking, keep your position.

Waved yellow flag : Keep your eyes peeled, slow down, no overtaking and be prepared to stop.

Double yellow flags : Be extremely cautious and be prepared to stop if needed.

Red flag : race stopped, end of session. Slow right down, no overtaking and proceed at a slow pace back to the pit lane or other place of safety advised at the safety briefing, and await further instructions.

Stop immediately at the side of the track if signalled to do so by a marshall ..

Blue flag : You are being approached by a faster car. Allow it to overtake when it is safe for you to pull over. (not currently used in D1NZ)

Striped yellow and red flag : Caution, slippery surface ahead. Normally indicates oil on track. Proceed with caution. (not currently used in D1NZ)

Green flag : Circuit clear. This flag will be shown after yellow flags or the striped yellow and red flag. (not currently used in D1NZ)

Black flag : You must return to the pits immediately you bad ass driver and report to the pit lane marshall. This flag will be shown to individual drivers.

Chequered flag : This signals the end of the session. Complete the lap you are on at a reduced pace and return to the pits, indicating you intentions as you approach the pit entrance.

Hope this helps a few of you as understanding them helps ppl like me on race day !
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