Why is the Time an Hour Out?? (Daylight Savings).

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Why is the Time an Hour Out?? (Daylight Savings).

Postby BlakJak » Fri Oct 21, 2005 4:58 pm

This comes up every 6 months ;)

If you click on 'Profile' - aka edit your personal forum profile - you'll see a field near the bottom that defines 'Timezone'.

This is user-configurable as we don't know where in the world you're browsing from. (Ok, NZ is a fair assumption, but we have browsers from overseas too!)

This defaults to GMT + 12 in most circumstances.
When daylight savings happens, in order to get the time to display right you need to change this to GMT + 13.

Likewise when we undo daylight savings, you need to change this back.

You can choose to have it display GMT all the time; you can have it on NZ Standard Time all the time, or you can tweak it when we set our clocks back or forward. Your call.

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