When to use Which Version of a Word!

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When to use Which Version of a Word!

Postby BlakJak » Sun Mar 11, 2007 3:54 pm

Ok, here's my pet peeve for the day.


there, they're, and their

There is a very obvious way to tell when they're using their language poorly.

They're is short for THEY ARE.
The Apostrophe (') indicates a missing letter or letters. In this case, the 'A' in 'Are'.

Their is possessive. It means something belongs to someone.

There is used everywhere else.


to, too and two

In order to do something, they must use two hands, too.

Too is interchangable with AS WELL.

Two is also known as '2'.

To is used everywhere else.

And what about...

Break and Brake

To Break means something is BROKEN.

To Brake is to apply your Brakes aka SLOW DOWN.

The Dreaded 'Yours'... !

Your and You're

Your is possesive. 'Get your facts straight!'

You're once again includes an Apostrophe - indicating a missing letter. (In this case, 'A' as in YOU ARE).

Where, we're and were.

Where you find the need to use we're (short for 'we are'), ... well, there are people who were getting it wrong regularly. Note the differences here... were is basically past-tense for 'are', where is tied to a place, and we're (we are) is pretty obvious...

C'mon guys, I know that spelling beyond a primary school level isn't such a big deal, what with 'txt spk' and other 'normal' online abbreviations... but some of this is very straight forward, do us all a favour and double-check before hitting submit... Cheers...

PS: Another request. Please use correct punctuation. If you have a question to ask, use a Question Mark (?) - This makes things a lot easier to understand.
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