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Injector Dynamics Injectors

Postby » Tue Sep 23, 2014 1:56 pm


Oooo! We've got ourselves together a small order for ID Injectors and want to up this, so you can save on one-off shipping specifically. There's lots of sized ranging in 725cc to 2000cc and the injectors are available as kits or on their own. Below are some of the Toyota specific kits (but do ask if you are here on Toyspeed and own a different make or model!) but ID can custom assemble kits as needed.

For all specs and information get on to:

Hope you guys can decide ASAP as we're awaiting some technical information on one set we've sold already and then all sets will be ordered immediately after so you've got - oh - a few days tops! They'll always be available after this, but we're really shedding costs by buying together. PM, Message or email us

Corolla GTS (83-87) 4AGE
MR-2 Turbo (90-96) 3S-GTE (11mm)
MR-2 Turbo (90-96) 3S-GTE (14mm)
MR-2 N/A (90-96) 5SFE
MR-2 Spyder (00-05) 1ZZ-FE
Supra Turbo (87.5-92) 7M-GTE 850.
Supra Turbo (93-98) 2JZ-GTE (11mm)
Supra Turbo (93-98) 2JZ-GTE (14mm)
Supra NA (93-98) 2JZ-GE 850.
Celica All-Trac (89-99) 3S-GTE (11mm)
Celica All-Trac (89-99) 3S-GTE (14mm)
Celica GT (00-05) 1ZZ-FE
Celica GTS (00-05) 2ZZ-GE
FJ Cruiser / 4Runner / Tundra


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