Cometic Gaskets & Gasket Sets

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Cometic Gaskets & Gasket Sets

Postby » Wed Sep 24, 2014 4:07 pm


Gosh - another that's slipped through the cracks here - sorry for not posting up Cometic earlier! The good news - they do lots of Toyota gaskets and kits - in standard, thinner / thicker or custom sizes, including custom bores! We hope there's a gasket or kit to suit!

Gaskets - There's head gaskets in thinner and thicker widths, and with standard or enlarged bores. They can also do Custom bores! From $120

Top End Kits - these come with gaskets and seals to refresh the top end of the engine. Typically included are intake, exhaust and head gaskets, seals and washers as a complete rebuild kit. From $260

Bottom End Kits - these come with oil seals / gaskets / washers as a complete kit. Saves you looking for components individually! From $120

Take a look at the Toyota options:

Search at top of page for Import Auto -> Toyota / Lexus -> Your Engine, and ask us for a price!

Here's the long list of options for gaskets and top end / bottom end kits, where applicable:

8-R 2.0L 72-81
1FZ-FE 4.5L 92-98 4477cc
1GR-FE 4.0L V6 02-UP
1UZ-FE 91-Up 4.0L
1ZZ-FE 1.8L 97-2006
20R 2.2L 74-81
22R 2.4L 81-95
22R-TEC 2.4L 81-95
22REC 2.4L 81-95
2GR-FE 3.5L V6 05-09
2JZ-GE 3.0L 93-97
2JZ-GTE 3.0L 93-98
2RZ-FE 2.4L 95-Up
2T 1.6L
2TC 1.6L
2UZ-FE V8 4.7L 98-Up
3E 1.5L
3RZ-FE 2.7L 95-Up
3S-GE 2.0L 89-97
3S-GTE 16V Turbo 2.0L 88-94 1998cc
3T 1.8L
3TC 1.8L
4A-GE 1.6L 1587cc
4A-GEC 1.6L 1587cc
4A-GELC 1.6L 1587cc
4A-GZE 1.6L 1587cc
4E 1.3L
5E 1.5L
5S-FE 2.2L 90-97 2164cc
5VZ-FE V6 3.4L 95-Up
7M-GE 3.0L 87-92 2054cc
7M-GTE 3.0L 87-92 2054cc
PH11 Racing V8



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