NGK Plug + Lead Combos! And Okada Direct Ignition

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NGK Plug + Lead Combos! And Okada Direct Ignition

Postby » Mon Oct 13, 2014 12:37 pm


NGK Plug + Lead Combos are below for some common applications. Prices don't vary that much between 4-plug and lead sets, but post up your engine and year (and make, model, chassis if you can) and we'll look up some prices for you. This is a pretty good and cheap way to replace the core spark components of your engine - especially if the engine is old - to avoid fouling issues and / or provide you with a better spark overall.

Just a note - these will mainly come from Japan because a) Fitment is assured with JDM engines, b) The US often does not have the specialist plus for JDM engines. That means it's a tad slower than from the USA, but if possible we'll go via the US to save time if in stock there! So some examples (depending on the generation or year of engine, leads / plugs may or may not be available!)

Plugs BKR6EIX-11P $99 delivered

3SGTE $199 delivered
Leads TX116

3SFE $179 delivered
Leads TE25
Plugs BKR6EIX-11P

Iridium Max BKR5EIX-11P $109 delivered

Leads TX134 $220

Plugs BKR6EIX-P $155 delivered

2JZGTE $289 delivered
Plugs BKR6EIX-11P
Leads *TE79

2JZGE $289 delivered
Plugs BKR5EIX-11P
Leads TE120

Leads TX08 $135 delivered

4AGE ~$278 delivered
Plugs BCPR5EIX-11P
Leads TX02

4AGZE $109 delivered
Leads TE114

Okada Direct Ignition Plugs / Leads
Realistically, the 4/6cyl are from $1140 delivered!

Just FYI, Repco sell just the 4 plugs above for $240! Eek!

Anyhow, ask away and we'll quote. For Toyota the majority of new engines are direct ignition, so it will likely be plugs only quotes!

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