4AGZE Air Con Removal - PS Belt Alignment Issue

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4AGZE Air Con Removal - PS Belt Alignment Issue

Postby SLIPINN » Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:35 pm


So I know this has been brought up before, and Ive done plently of searching, But to be honest havent made a decison just wanted to see who's done what before.

As the AC Comprssor has a dual pulley, the inside pulley/belt runs up to the Power steering thus running the pump. Now AC is removed belt alignment is out for the PS pump

A. Weld another pulley onto exsisting power steering pulley spacing it out in line with alt/crank (Same belt groove style as alt/crank)
B. Find a PS Pum thats got a longer neck/base assembly?
C. Somehow locate or find a NON AC with PS 4AGZE bracket/tension assmbly (do they exsist)
D. (Not preffered) at least bolt up AC Compressor for pulley use only? gutting it as much as possible

See photo's

Ideally I would prefer to loose the massive weight/bracket or reduce if there something out there..

Not keen on loosing PS Either.

Thanks in advance.
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