Honda Civic Gearstick Jammed

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Honda Civic Gearstick Jammed

Postby jacobrjett » Sat Nov 18, 2017 4:29 am

Gearstick wont move left or right only up and down (1st and 2nd)

no cables, its got a rod underneath that push/pulls and twists. it wont twist.

ive disconnected the rod from the shifter and it still wont twist, it appears to be jammed inside the box. It just randomly jammed on the way to work the other day.

Can this be fixed without replacing or removing the box? Or do I need a new gearbox? (im not rebuilding the gearbox, the cars shit but I am hoping to start my new job next week and need my car running)

Sorry for a honda question just hoping someone has encountered something similar before.

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