2008 Rav4 Auto Issues

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2008 Rav4 Auto Issues

Postby Alex B » Sun Dec 10, 2017 3:51 pm

Was driving on the open road in cruise control, got to a reasonably steep hill where it started hunting through the gears (it's always had rubbish cruise control on hills), from there on it felt like it was missing a gear, either 2nd or 3rd and feels like there is excessive slippage from either the clutch packs or torque convertor. Got it back into town, came to a stop at the lights. CEL, VSC and 4WD have all come on solid.

Got it home, trans oil smells burnt and its coming up with codes P0776 and P0741.

It's a 2AZ-FE with a U140F-05A box.

Going to take it into an auto specialist, but interested to hear if anyone has come across a similar issue with these? It's only got 90k on it. :?
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