Gen 3 3SGE From ST206 With st185 gearbox.

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Gen 3 3SGE From ST206 With st185 gearbox.

Postby Adydas » Wed Oct 11, 2006 8:53 am

Block / 4WD gearbox.

You will need to grind away the block so its flush, Ie remove all casting bolt holes from when it was an NA ( as these wont be used, And are in the way ) If you dont youll spend 9 hours TRYING to fit the transfer case without really been able to tell what the issue is, Be rest assured its due to these casting marks.

Radiator + fan
With the radiator in factory spot the fan wouldnt sit right ( this was due to my use of bigger turbo ) I simply had the shroud drilled so it would fit a few cm to the right. The rest of the setup was factory with exception to the top piping, You will be using a differnt water block that goes onto the side of the head so the factory piping wont work, How ever the ST206 Toyota Curren factory top radiator pipe will fit between the ST185 radiator and new water block going onto the side of the head.

Intake and Exhast

With regards to the intake and exhast manifolds i used a ST205 Intake and Exhast as you cant use the stock ST185 one due to the differnt stud pattern and larger ports. You could use a ST206 intake manifold IF you
want to go FMIC IMO but as i was using a ST205 water to air intercooler
this wasnt an option for me

Cam Cover

The cam cover from the NA engine was a bit of a pain as by using the ST205 inlet manifold the Idel up that hangs below was hitting on the cover ( wasnt possible to bolt on ) so i had a hole cut out and alloy welded
accross at a cost of $100


Highly reccomend replacing the factory piping as its renound to leak, i went for a braided hose at a cost of $120 area. The belts from a ST206
fitted perfectly for the air con, Power steering etc

Water to air Piping

In order to fit the factory water to air piping you will need to grind a tiny ( and rather pointless ) stuff off the gearbox engine mount, Once removed the pipeing sat where it should nicely out of the way, Again only and issue if your using a factory Water to air intercooler setup.


Again due to my choice of turbo and down pipe the factory exhast will end up being a tad to short ( even if this is a kit designed for 3sgtes etc ) So be prepared for a little custom welding work to be required here.
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