Preparing Car Doors for Component Speakers

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Preparing Car Doors for Component Speakers

Postby Heylin » Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:05 am

I am in the process of ditching my cheap pioneers and doing a proper job by putting in some 6.5" components (Alpine Type R) and running off an amp (Clarion APX2121 2x60rms). Just checking with the experts here to see if my doors are prepped enough or do I need to do more.

Done the following so far

- Dynamat door speaker kit around the speaker hole
- Dynamat behind the speaker
- A few 1mm thick Aluminium\Butyl rubber flashing tape sections on outer door skin (where I could reach)
- 1 layer of Aluminium\Butyl rubber flashing tape over inner door skin (doubled up over larger holes)
- 1 layer of 5mm closed cell acoustic foam over the larger inner door skin holes (on top of the double layer flashing tape)
- Lined the plastic door cards with 5mm closed cell acoustic foam

Most likely more than most people would do, so hoping ill get some reasonable bass and mid bass to tide me over until I can afford to do a custom underseat subwoofer.
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Re: Preparing Car Doors for Component Speakers

Postby Rumad » Tue Aug 19, 2014 11:28 pm

Can't think of anything else you could do to improve on that... Sounds like a pretty thorough job you've done there :)
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