Cerwin vega 6x9's , Or Best Reccomendation

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Cerwin vega 6x9's , Or Best Reccomendation

Postby Rentakill » Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:43 pm

Hi Guys..

I'm currently looking at installing a set of 6x9's in my 04 VY SS Holden Sedan in the Rear.

I was thinking a set of Cerwin Vega V469 6x9's for rear bass fill.... and will be running them off a 5 channel Alpine Amp delivering 75WRMS per Channel, which should do the job fine.

In the doors I have installed a set of Rockford 6.5" Components upfront, and Matching Rockford Coaxials in the rear passenger doors.
So far its sounding pretty clean with good mid bass - but could do with a bit of bottom end fill.
Rather than do a sub I thought a set of 6x9's should produce good rear fill and bass extension.

Cerwins back in the day had a pretty good name for themselves - Im not sure where they rate these days though.

Any advice would be frikking great !


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