Replacing a sunvisor - parts, or whole unit?

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Replacing a sunvisor - parts, or whole unit?

Postby Sick Puppy » Tue Dec 04, 2018 1:44 am

Hi everyone, I had the bright idea of replacing my driver side sunvisor as it was broken. Thought I would replace it with a second hand unit, and the realised that 1) it is a two piece mount that fits into the roof, and 2) that I can't get the fecking thing in the roof lol Managed to break it trying to put it in :?

It appears that I need to put part one into the roof, and then the visor/part two which flares out part one and fixes it in place. Once it's in though, it ain't coming out!

I can cut part one off of the visor, but if I cannot replace just that part, is there any point? I can't seem to find a replacement for that that part, only the whole visor.

Anyone had any experience with these, or am I better of just buying a whole new unit? Thanks for your help!
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