DISCLAIMER regarding the use of Toyspeed Forums.

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DISCLAIMER regarding the use of Toyspeed Forums.

Postby BlakJak » Sun Oct 16, 2005 6:02 pm

Recent discussions have revealed that the common-sense attitude toward posts on the forum etc is not enough, so here is a clarification for All Forum Users.

Toyspeed, its Moderators, and those who own/administer the various facets that make up "Toyspeed" assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for the actions of individual users either online or In-Real-Life.

That means among other things that all contributors and readers take responsibility for their own actions; be they in relation to goods bought/sold/exchanged through our Trading forums or through advice given or acted upon through our Technical Support forums.

This statement is in support of http://www.toyspeed.org.nz/disclaimer.html and will eventually be incorporated into that document. It is assumed that all TS participants have reviewed and agreed with that disclaimer.

Queries are welcomed via admins@toyspeed.org.nz
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